Monday, March 5, 2018

MVPS HOSTS File Update March-4-2018

The MVPS HOSTS file was recently updated [March-4-2018]

Download: (124 kb)

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HOSTS File - Frequently Asked Questions

Note: the "text" version (469 kb) makes a great resource for determining possible unwanted connections ...

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  1. I recently started using the HOSTS file again after a hiatus of several years. I have the most recent March/2018 update, but there is a problem on one particular website that I frequently visit, to-wit:

    The search interface on GA Lottery website freezes up and becomes inoperative with HOSTS file enabled. The search interface regains functionality with HOSTS files disabled. Some unknown entry in the HOSTS files is causing the search interface on to freeze up. OS is Windows 10, DNS Client disabled via regedit. Is there any way to identify which entry/entries is causing this unexpected behavior without having to constantly disable/re-enable HOSTS files? I also notice the laptop seems to be working harder/using more resources with HOSTS files enabled due to the increased fan noise. Fan noise stops with HOSTS disabled. I thought disabling DNS client in services.msc would resolve that issue, but it seems not. Could there be a conflict with Malwarebytes or some other program? So far no other issues noticed on any other website, other than the search interface problem on Georgia Lottery website.